Is A College Education Still Worth It?

It’s no secret that college is expensive – even more surprising is that the cost basic tuition for public and private schools continues to rise. In fact, tuition costs and room and board are at an all-time high! So that begs the question – is a college eduction worth it? Obviously, private institutions aren’t the only option. Public universities around…

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Why Small Communities Prefer Local Banks

A few years ago the FDIC released a study showing how local banks are vital in the community and for the country at large. The study confirmed that the community bank business model is based on building relationships with their customers. Local community banks have a symbiotic relationship with the communities they serve and employees tend to have an ownership…

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Grant Info

Financial Education Library Grants

Our Program Guidelines To qualify for a grant from Illinois Jumpstart please review the requirements below. Eligible recipients must: Be based in the state of Illinois. Must be public schools, public libraries, Chicago resident, or NFP institutions that provide youth services in a low, moderate-income, or senior living community. Have suitable facilities and/or capacity to maintain and disseminate financial education content…

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