Financial Education Library Grants

Program Guidelines

Eligible recipients must:

  • Be based in Illinois, and be public schools, public libraries, or NFP institutions that provide youth services in a low or moderate-income FEL Grant Imagecommunity.
  • Have suitable facilities and/or capacity to maintain and disseminate financial education content and materials.
  • Submit an application.
  • Not be prior ILJC grant recipients, or family members of current ILJC Directors.

Award notification process:

  • Recipients will be notified directly. When possible, Grant awards will be presented at an upcoming ILJC education and networking event.
  • If not selected initially, eligible applicants will be considered again in the following quarter. Those not selected in 2 consecutive quarters may reapply with new or additional information.
  • Chosen candidates will receive a selection of print and digital materials valued at $500.00 for the establishment of an onsite financial education library.
  • Recipients will update ILJC periodically, on their progress and how the grant has helped improve the financial capabilities of their communities they serve.
Linda Atkins
Linda Atkins Joliet Public Library, Early Literacy Coordinator
We are most excited to be the inaugural recipient of the ILJC Financial Education Library Grant. The possibilities for the uses of these materials are endless. Many parents are full of uncertainty when it comes to kids and money.

A personal finance library will not only further parents’ knowledge, but also give them a launching pad to evoke thoughtful dialog with their kids about money. Thank you so much for the opportunity to be part of this.

To apply for a Library Grant, please fill out the form below. If you have questions about grant opportunities, contact us.

Note: all deadlines have passed for 2014 grants. Applications received from this point on will be considered for 2015 awards.

2014 ILJC FEL Grant Application

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