ILJC Committees convene at least bimonthly, either in person or via teleconference, and interface with members of the Board and other Committees to advance the organization’s agenda. All ILJC Members in good standing are eligible to serve on Committees.  Chairs must be Board Members.

Advocacy / Public Affairs

ILJC’s vision is for all Illinois students to receive high quality, effectively delivered, age-appropriate personal finance and economics instruction throughout their educational experience. Until this ambitious goal has been achieved, the Committee’sobjectives are:

  • To raise awareness among influential stakeholders about the scope and consequences of financial illiteracy, and potential solutions to address the problem.
  • To create new, and energize existing, literacy advocates.
  • To stimulate direct, local action to improve financial and economic education in Illinois.

Committee Members help to plan, promote and manage our Action Network for Financial Empowerment, which is designed to accomplish these objectives. To become a member of this committee, please email us at

Communications & Media

The Committee was established to provide Coalition Members and the greater financial education community with relevant program, research and policy information, as well as updates concerning ILJC activities and events. The Committee’s objectives are:

  • To raise awareness about ILJC, and expand the Coalition’s scope and influence.
  • To update Members, media and other stakeholders on ILJC events and activities.
  • To provide an extended platform for important voices and ideas in financial education.
  • To reinforce the need for financial literacy among educators, financial services professionals, policy makers, and the public at large.

Committee Members help investigate relevant developments in programming, policy and research, draft and edit articles, and create newsletters, press releases and other messaging.  To become a member of this committee, please email us at


The Committee is responsible for recruiting new members, retaining and engaging current members, and coordinating meetings that provide education, resources and a forum for networking.  The Committee’s objectives are:

  • To increase ILJC membership, and retain a majority of current members, every year.
  • To engage the Membership in Coalition programs and activities.
  • To plan and conduct periodic Educational / Networking Meetings.
  • To establish ILJC as a “must-belong” organization for people interested in financial literacy.

Committee Members help to identify and reach out to individuals and organizations that are invested in financial literacy, and to plan, promote and conduct events throughout the State. To become a member of this committee, please contact us at


The Committee analyzes and catalogs data, content and organizations related to youth financial literacy and financial and economics education. These data, materials and perspectives can enhance the efficacy of practitioners, inform stakeholders, support advocacy efforts, and guide the selection of annual themes. The Committee’s objectives are to identify, promote and provide access to:

  • Research studies related to financial literacy.
  • The best organizations working in this field.
  • Educational tools and content that comport with established standards.

Committee Members help to identify, assess and disseminate high-quality resources and information. To become a member of this committee, please contact us at


The Committee manages all scholarship and grant programs for the Coalition. This includes, but is not limited to student scholarships, teacher scholarships, and grants awarded to help organizations provide youth financial education services. The Committee’s objectives are:

  • To raise awareness about ILJC scholarship and grant opportunities.
  • To solicit, receive and evaluate scholarship and grant applications.
  • To coordinate the presentation of awards and monitor recipients’ progress.

Committee Members help to promote ILJC’s Scholarship and Grant programs, evaluate and recommend candidates, present awards, and maintain a dialogue with recipients. To become a member of this committee, please contact us at


The Committee has primary responsibility for generating financial and in-kind support necessary to continue the ILJC’s important work.  The Committee’s objectives are:

  • To recruit new, and retain existing, Sponsors.
  • To engage Sponsors in ILJC activities and publicly recognize their support.
  • To identify and pursue appropriate grant and other funding opportunities.
  • To establish ILJC as a “must-support” organization for companies interested in financial literacy.

Committee Members help to recruit, retain and engage ILJC Sponsors and other funding sources.  To become a member of this committee, please contact us at


The Committee provides technology enablement for the Coalition. This includes, but is not limited to website development, social media, electronic communications and data analysis capabilities. The Committee’s objectives are:

  • To create greater awareness of ILJC through the Internet, social media and electronic communications.
  • To provide technical support to the Board and other Committees.
  • To team with National Jump$tart to deliver high quality technical solutions.

Committee Members help to develop and maintain the ILJC website, assist with the design and dissemination of email campaigns, and leverage social media platforms and other technologies. To become a member of this committee, please contact us at

Ad Hoc

Small groups of ILJC Board Members are periodically assembled to evaluate and recommend scholarship and grant applications, and for other projects as needed.